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    Kellogg School of Management Dean Sally Blount '92 hosts prominent leaders from business, government and civil society who engage the Kellogg community in thought-provoking discussions about key issues facing the business community and the world at large. Watch the interviews here.

    Innovation in China Requires Deep Social Change

    CHINA DAILY USA - Apr. 30, 2015: Guanghua School of Management Dean CAI Hongbin weighs in on China's path from imitator to innovator. The event was part of Guanghua's annual China-US Business Forum on Finance and Innovation held in New York City.

    China on Long, Slow Road to Reform

    WALL STREET JOURNAL - Mar. 5, 2015: Amid calls for-and commitments to-market reform in favor of innovation and consumerism, the hand of the state remains strong. Quote from Professor LIU Qiao on the reality of the situation.

    What Chinese Companies Want from International Deals

    HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW - Feb. 12, 2015: Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA Professors MA Li and ZHANG Zhixue discuss the evolving landscape of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China. As markets mature and domestic firms set their sights on global expansion, Chinese companies invest according to three main goals: access to physical resources, access to high-end and advanced technology, and access to mature and global markets.

    Northwestern's Kellogg School offers new China MBA

    FORTUNE - Feb. 17, 2014: Fortune discusses the addition of the Guanghua School of Management, the "Harvard Business School of China," to the Kellogg EMBA Global Network.

    Kellogg ties up with Guanghua for Executive MBA in Beijing

    FINANCIAL TIMES - Feb. 17, 2014: The Financial Times reveals details of the new Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA, a program that was launched to educate and prepare the modern executive conducting business in China and in the "complex global economy."
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