The Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program awards both merit-based and diversity scholarships to competitive candidates who demonstrate strong leadership skills and have made outstanding contributions to their organizations and the greater society. Scholarship applications must be submitted as part of your application. All scholarship decisions are final.

Merit-Based Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who have demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding professional achievements. These candidates have significantly impacted their organizations and are leaders in both business and the greater society.

The Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA offers three categories of diversity scholarships. Diversity Scholarships include:

Women Leaders in Business Scholarships will be awarded to women who have not only lead their organizations to success, but have also made a difference in their community. These women are among the most promising leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

Outstanding Leadership in Emerging Markets Scholarships will be awarded to leaders who currently work in, and are nationals of, emerging market countries. These candidates will have made a significant impact on their organizations and in the greater community. These candidates are dedicated to the growth and development of business in their respective countries.

Non-Profit Leadership Scholarships will be awarded to leaders working in the non-profit sector who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their respective fields. These candidates have dedicated their lives to the improvement of society and are lifelines to the communities they serve. Candidates receiving this scholarship must commit to working in the non-profit sector during the duration of the program.

How to apply: Please complete the scholarship application form and submit it along with your application for admission.

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