Kellogg has forged partnerships with five of the world’s leading business schools (Guanghua School of Management, Recanati Graduate School of Business, Schulich School of Business, HKUST School of Business and Management, and Otto Beisheim School of Management WHU). As part of the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA program, executives complete a global elective at one of these partner schools. Electives are located in six global business hubs spread across North America, Europe and Asia. During the elective, participants gain rare insight into local business practices, as well as diverse cultures and political systems. This capstone completes the truly international learning experience of each cohort.

Kellogg (Evanston)

Kellogg's main campus is located in Evanston, just north of Chicago. The Chicago metropolitan area is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. The Kellogg (Evanston) EMBA program launched in 1976.

Kellogg (Miami)

Kellogg's Miami's campus was launched in 2006. Miami is positioned as the cultural crossroad between the United States and Latin America. It is a hub of world commerce, and serves as the headquarters for numerous global corporations and financial institutions. The Kellogg (Miami) EMBA program launched in 2006.


The Kellogg-Recanati EMBA Program at Tel Aviv University is located in Israel's financial, economic, and business centers. Tel Aviv is home to a number of technology start-up companies, and has often been referred to as a second Silicon Valley. The Kellogg-Recanati EMBA program launched in 1996.


Vallendar is home to the Kellogg-WHU EMBA Program. It is situated in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, and is rich in ancient and modern, as well as religious and political, history. The city of Vallendar is just 10km from Koblenz, and Cologne and Frankfurt can be reached within an hour. The Kellogg-WHU EMBA program launched in 1997.


As one of the world’s leading financial centers, Hong Kong is a natural setting for the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program. Hong Kong is one of the world's top financial centers and a mecca for companies operating in China and East Asia proper. Hong Kong offers unparalleled opportunities for new ventures and networking. The Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program launched in 1998.


Toronto is home to the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA Program, located at York University. Toronto is famous for its financial services sector, its communications and information technology might, and its green tech industries. The Kellogg-Schulich EMBA program launched in 2001.

Guanghua - Kellogg

Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA Program Office
Guanghua Bldg. No. 2, Guanghua School of Management
Peking University, 5 Yiheyuan Road
Beijing, 100871 China
Tel.: (8610) 6274 7151/7158
Fax: (8610) 6275 0424