Contextualized Learning

Contextualized Learning

Contextualized Learning

Contextualized learning is at the core of the Guanghua-Kellogg curriculum. It takes students beyond the traditional Executive MBA experience, putting cutting-edge theory into context and preparing students for the unique challenges that executives face. Through our innovative curriculum, students learn to apply theory and best business practices in a variety of real-world situations in the classroom and outside it.

The Moving Classroom
From the classroom to factory floor, the Guanghua-Kellogg program integrates the learning experience with real business practices. Through faculty-organized visits to leading firms in Asia and multi-national corporations, students learn about the challenges relevant to the international executive. During the visit, professors will demonstrate how the cutting-edge theory students have been learning relates to the pressing issues that each company is facing and plays out in the real world. Thus, students not only gain intimate access with the senior management of these firms, but also discuss the relevance of theory and its application.

Exclusive GKEMBA themed seminars
Guanghua-Kellogg students have exclusive access to prominent business leaders and senior government officials. These seminars focus on relevant issues in the market and give students a unique perspective.

Executive Advisory Groups
As a part of the curriculum, students learn together in small groups called Executive Advisory Groups (EAG). An EAG meets after each module to discuss an area of interest. In each EAG, students have a chance to learn from other executives and to explore issues they care about from many points of view.

Experiential Learning
We believe that the best way to learn about business theory is to put it into practice. That’s why experiential learning is fully integrated into the Guanghua-Kellogg curriculum. Our students engage in role-playing and action-oriented learning in a state-of-the-art behavioral lab. Thus, students not only put their knowledge into practice, but also analyze their actions with visual and audio tools and faculty and peer assessments.

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