Blending both Guanghua and Kellogg’s long histories of academic excellence and superior management research, the Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA (GK-EMBA) program features an integrated curriculum that prepares global executives for success in China and international markets. It is designed to meet the needs of the 21st century executive; as such, the program emphasizes the business practices and public policies that define the “real China.”

In order to accommodate the schedules of its international executives, the program features 12 week-long modules spread across a period of 22 months. Modules focus on the areas of competency critical for global leaders, and they emphasize both eastern and western management practices. The program's courses are held at five core campuses spread across China and at Kellogg, and a global module allows executives to travel anywhere within the Kellogg Global EMBA Network.

The program's strengths are inherent. It draws from a pool of leading scholars at two renowned universities. It features a global classroom with built-in curricular flexibility to cater to the various academic interests of its executives. Its dynamic classroom environment is supplemented by company visits to prominent multinational companies, its strategic positioning grants access to the world's largest economies, and its executives lay claim to an active alumni network over 70,000-strong.

Guanghua - Kellogg

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