The modern business organization, itself hardly one hundred years old, has undergone numerous fundamental and structural reorganizations that have rendered profound changes. Globalization and the unprecedented market developments of East and Southeast Asia are now dictating this restructuring, and no country plays a larger role than China.

A Key to the "Real China"

Recognizing mega-trends is not enough to succeed in the Chinese market. Domestic firms and multinationals alike require executives capable of establishing their network and making smart investments. The Guanghua-Kellogg program emphasizes the realities of conducting business with the public and private sectors in China by highlighting the business customs, regulatory environment, and the public policies that define the “real China.”

A Collaborative Curriculum

The program blends Guanghua and Kellogg’s long histories of academic excellence and deep insights into management research to feature an integrated curriculum that equips the modern executive for success in global markets. Modules focus on the areas of competency critical for these leaders, and they emphasize both eastern and western management practices. Our executives are taught by some of the most respected and published figures in the fields of management and business, and they engage collaboratively in innovative “contextualized learning” environments both in- and outside the classroom.

Two Premier Business Schools, One Global Network

Participants lay claim to the significant and global resources of two of the world's most established and reputable business schools. Graduates of the program receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree jointly issued by the Guanghua School of Management and the Kellogg School of Management. They also gain access, in perpetuity, to an exclusive global alumni network of influential business leaders over 70,000-strong.

Guanghua - Kellogg

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